Biketopia Music Collective

Bicycle Powered Music, brought to you on two wheels!

The Biketopia Music Collective is comprised of musicians, activists, cyclists, puppeteers, visual artists and environmentalists, mobilizing for climate justice. The collective has made the choice to minimize their dependence on fossil fuels and use their bicycles not only as a means of transportation, but also as a tool to power their concerts.

Pleasant Revolution 2016 Summer tour, Vancouver to Oakland. Edited and filmed by GreenEdge Studios and Survival Media Agency  

The bands perform on their bike-powered sound system:  a sound system which harnesses electrical energy created in real time, without any energy storage, by the audience riding bicycles.  They carry 100% of their equipment on bicycles spreading the message of peace and health through performance.

The collective aims to empower and encourage individuals of all ages to get on their bikes and pedal the bicycle revolution, into a future of thriving communities independent of fossil fuels.  They believe the bike revolution has the ability to inspire individuals to embody change in today’s world.